Appliance Repair: Washing Machines

Washing machines are indispensable with our busy lives. When they stop working, they can put a hold on your life’s plans. At Marin Appliance Repair, we understand this hardship and do our best to accommodate your repair as expeditiously as possible.

DIY Washing Machine Repair Disaster?

Did YouTube make it look easy? After pulling your washing machine apart, you found it to be a bit harder than advertised?

No worries!

Call Marin Appliance Repair to have your washing machine back up and running today!

Tip to Avoid a Washing Machine Repair Call in the Future

Read your washing machines manual and make sure you are using the proper soap for your washing machine as well as the proper amount. Check your chords, if they are not metal, you should think of replacing them. In Nevada’s dry climate the rubber hoses can dry and leak quickly.

Washing machine back up and running after repair from Reno / Sparks marin Appliance Repair