Appliance Repair: Refrigerators

Refrigerators are a needed expense these days. But with the continually rising cost of refrigerators, they are also an investment. When a refrigerator stops working in addition to the initial cost and repair, there is also the cost of lost food. At Marin Appliance Repair we understand this hardship and do our best to accommodate your repair as expediently as possible.

DIY Refrigerator Repair Disaster?

Did YouTube make it look easy?  After pulling your refrigerator apart, you found it to be a bit harder than advertised?

No worries!

Call Marin Appliance Repair to have your refrigerator back up and running today!

Tips to Avoid a Refrigerator Repair Call in the Future

Clean your fridge. Yes, you of course clean the front and the inside; but did you know the back needs regular cleanings too? The back of your refrigerator needs regular cleaning especially in our dry dusty Northern Nevada climate.

How to thoroughly clean the back of your fridge:

Step 1. Carefully pull the refrigerator away from the wall, noting chords and water lines if applicable.

Step 2. Look for any signs of moisture. In this dry climate, water lines and seals can sometimes dry out and crack leading to leaks (At this point if any water damage is noted, Marin Appliance Repair recommends you stop and give us a call at 775.830.9667 to inspect the severity of the leak and thoroughly investigate the cause.)

Step 3. Vacuum your fridge. Dust, hair, fur and more can collect on the condenser forcing it to work harder. The cleaner your fridge is the better. Think of what you see when you replace your A/C filters twice a year.

Step 4. Sweep and look for any left-over debris behind the fridge.

Step 5. Carefully push the refrigerator back in place again noting where power and water lines are.

These five simple steps will increase the life expectancy of your refrigerator expeditiously!

Working refrigerator after refrigerator repair